At-A-Site Theater visited by Corey Harvard's Travel site: 

The Trip That Takes Us


Travel Writer Corey Harvard wrote a charming review of At-A-Site Theater's "Celebrating the Birthday of Dead Writers" project on his Travel Site:  The Trip That Takes Us.  Corey enjoyed Monika's reading of a passage from "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway on Hemingway's birthday, July 21, 2014. He writes:

"I had stumbled upon Monika Gross, artistic director of At-A-Site Theater, a theater that happens directly on the streets. Their mission is to “bring meaning to space.”  For the whole of the summer, different members of the theater were setting up and reading from the works of dead authors. Monika treated me to a passage from The Sun Also Rises by Hemmingway.

Evangeline and Monika were bodied extensions of what I liked most about Asheville: unguarded, genuine accessibility. The city itself was an argument against the mainstream societal pressure to invest so much into appearances. Asheville didn’t want the pretty surfaces: its beauty worked from the inside out.

In the long run, I wonder if that’s how all true beauty works."


He included this video clip of the reading in his posting: