At-A-Site Theater presents a Summer Project Celebrating Birthdays of Dead Writers: Clifford D. Simak, August 3

AUGUST 3, 2014

CLIFFORD D. SIMAK (1904-1988)

Time:  6:00pm - 9:30pm

Location: Downtown Asheville NC

On the corner of North Lexington Ave & Walnut St map link
or Haywood St near Malaprops map link 
or the "Iron" sculpture at Wall St & Battery Park Ave   map link
or near Posana's in Pack Square  map link


Passersby are invited to chose from a menu of selections from this great American science fiction novelist and short story writer. The selected passages will then be read to them.

Simak won three Hugo Awards:  for Best Novel "Way Station" (1964), Best Novelette "The Big Front Yard" (1959) and Best Short Story for "Grotto of The Dancing Dear" (1981). In 1977 Simak was voted the third-ever Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America.



(Please note:  The Reader may occasionally need to move to an alternative site because of weather or other onsite circumstances) 

More information about Charles D. Simak can be found at Wikipedia and at the Science Fiction Encyclopedia.

Read his novel Project Mastodon online here; or Empire; or Way Station. Or his linked short story project: City here.

Brian W. Aldiss wrote in his foreword to the anthology “Galactic Empires” about Clifford D. Simak:

"There was a time when Simak was everyone's favourite author. A Simak story was unmistakable. When everyone else appeared to be describing big tough heroes going out and giving alien races what-for, Simak would tell you about this little old Earth man sitting on his verandah, whittling a stick when up comes this green guy. The green guy has a funny big machine come down out of the skies. The two of them get to talking, and the little old Earth man takes a can of oil and fixes the green man's funny big machine, and in exchange this green guy makes the little old Earth man's crops grow a durn sight better'n his neighbour's ever do."


“These are the stories that the Dogs tell when the fires burn high and the wind is from the north. Then each family circle gathers at the hearthstone and the pups sit silently and listen and when the story's done they ask many questions:

"What is Man?" they'll ask.

Or perhaps: "What is a city?"

Or: "What is a war?” 

from "City"



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