At-A-Site Theater presents a Summer Project Celebrating Birthdays of Dead Writers: Paula Danziger, August 18
Monday, August 18, 2014 at 02:28PM
At A Site Theater

AUGUST 18, 2014

PAULA DANZIGER (1945-2004) 


Location: Downtown Asheville NC

from 4:00pm - 7:00pm

On the corner of North Lexington Ave & Walnut St map link
or Haywood St near Malaprops map link 
or the "Iron" sculpture at Wall St & Battery Park Ave   map link
or near Posana's in Pack Square  map link

(Please note:  The Reader may occasionally need to move to an alternative site because of weather or other onsite circumstances)

Passersby are invited to chose from a menu of selections by this American young adult fiction writer. The selection will then be read to them.

More information about Paula Danziger can be found at Wikipedia, and you can also read this interview with Danziber at the Scholastic Books website.



"I hate my father. I hate school. I hate being fat. I hate the principal because he wanted to fire Ms. Finney, my English teacher.

My name is Marcy Lewis. I'm thirteen years old and in the ninth grade at Dwight D. Eisenhower Junior High.

All my life I've thought that I looked like a baby blimp with wire-frame glasses and mousy brown hair. Everyone always said that I'd grow out of it, but I was convinced that I'd become an adolescent blimp with wire-frame glasses, mousy brown hair, and acne.

My life is not easy. I know I'm not poor. Nobody beats me. I have clothes to wear, my own room, a stereo, a TV, and a push-button phone. Sometimes I feel guilty being so miserable, but middle-class kids have problems too.

from "The Cat Ate My Gymsuit"

Well, I, Amber Brown, am green with envy. I am not only green….. I am feeling blue….. I am seeing red….. I am purple with anger….. I am not feeling like a rainbow. I am feeling plaid. All of these colors mix together to make a not very pretty pattern. I, Amber Brown, do not like plaid.

from "Amber Brown Is Green With Envy"

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