an intimate street theater performance honoring the afterlife of the written word

We live again when the words we wrote are read aloud to you, the Listener




PHASE ONE of this project was a research prototype performed in Asheville NC + New York City between June 19 + August 31, 2014. Based on our results, we are seeking further funding for additional performers, sites and related projects.

An individual archival page has been created for each writer which includes photos, quotes, videos and links to online biographical resources and texts as well as the specific times and locations for each of their Dead Writer Birthday Celebrations.

Writers are listed chronologically by birthday.

Please consider reading them out loud

to your friends

to your family

+ to complete strangers you may meet on the street!

Click on the name of each writer to go to INDIVIDUAL WRITER ARCHIVAL PAGE

June 19:          Blaise Pascal

June 20:         Lillian Hellman

June 21           Summer Solstice: The Longest Day of the Year -  Jean-Paul Sartre

June 22:         Anne Morrow Lindbergh

June 23:         Anna Akhmatova

June 24:         Ambrose Bierce

June 25:         George Orwell

June 26:         Pearl S. Buck

June 27:         Paul Laurence Dunbar

June 28:         Luigi Pirandello

June 29:         Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

June 30:         Czeslaw Milosz

July 1:             George Sand

July 2:            Hermann Hesse

July 3:            Franz Kafka

July 4-7:         At-A-Site Theater Closed for Summer Vacation

July 8:            Travel Day

July 9:            June Jordan

July 10:          Marcel Proust

July 11:           EB White

July 12:          Henry David Thoreau

July 13:          Travel Day

July 14:          Isaac Bashevis Singer

July 15:          Iris Murdoch

July 16:          Theater Workshops day

July 17:          Erle Stanley Gardner

July 18:          Theater Workshops day

July 19:          Vladimir Mayakovsky

July 20:         Francesco Petrarch

July 21:          Ernest Hemingway

July 22:          Amy Vanderbilt

July 23:          Raymond Chandler

July 24:          Alexandre Dumas

July 25:          Production Prep Day: no reading

July 26:          George Bernard Shaw

July 27:          Hilaire Belloc

July 28:          Beatrix Potter

July 29:          Stanley Kunitz

July 30:          Emily Brontë

July 31:          Vacation Day:  The Reader’s Birthday! 

August 1:       Herman Melville

August 2:       James Baldwin

August 3:       Clifford D. Simak

August 4:       Percy Bysshe Shelley

August 5:       Guy de Maupassant

August 6:       Lord Alfred Tennyson

August 7:       Travel Day

August 8:       Sara Teasdale

August 9:       PL Travers

August 10:     Travel Day

August 11:     Alex Haley

August 12:     Walter Dean Myers

August 13:     Travel Day

August 14:     John Galsworthy

August 15:     Stieg Larsson

August 16:     TRIPLE THREAT DAY!!!   

 Diana Wynne Jones - our “Family Time” writer

 Wallace Thurman - our "Early Evening" writer

 Charles Bukowski - our “After Hours” writer

August 17:     Ted Hughes

August 18:     Paula Danziger

August 19:     Ogden Nash - Lunchtime writer

 Frank McCourt - Afternoon & Night writer

August 20:     HP Lovecraft

August 21:     Joe Strummer

August 22:     Ray Bradbury

August 23:     Edgar Lee Masters

August 24:     Jorge Luis Borges

August 25:     Bret Harte

August 26:     Christopher Isherwood

August 27:     Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

August 28:     A Street Throwdown!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe vs. Leo Tolstoy

August 29:     Maurice Maeterlinck

August 30:     Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

August 31:     William Saroyan


Our Final Performance of PHASE ONE of "Celebrating the Birthdays of Dead Writers"


 @ LAAFF - Lexington Avenue Arts & Fun Festival

Downtown Asheville NC

August 31, 2014

All our 65 Writers celebrated on one day!



2014 performances

We thank Casey Campfield + The Crow and Quill 106 N. Lexington Avenue, Asheville NC for hosting us with a warm welcome for many of our "off season" readings!

September 11:     O Henry (William Sydney Porter)

October 3:            Thomas Wolfe

November 8:        Bram Stoker

Margaret Mitchell

November 11:      Kurt Vonnegut

2015 performances

January 26:     Virginia Woolf (Asheville)

April 29:          Jack Williamson (Asheville)

June 6: Maxine Kumin, Thomas Mann, Alexandr Pushkin & Pierre Corneille (Asheville)

July 4: Stephen Foster & Nathaniel Hawthorne (Asheville)

July 24: Zelda Fitzgerald & Alexandre Dumas (New York City)

July 27: Hilaire Belloc (Dublin, Ireland)

July 28: Beatrix Potter (Dublin, Ireland)

July 30: Emily Brontë (Dublin, Ireland)

August 3: Mary O'Neill Devenport (Westport, Ireland)

August 6: Alfred Tennyson (Westport, Ireland)

August 8: Sara Teasdale (Limerick, Ireland)

August 9: PL Travers (Limerick, Ireland)

August 16: Charles Bukowski, Diana Wynne Jones & Wallace Thurman (Galway, Ireland)

August 17: Ted Hughes (Galway, Ireland)

2016 performances

February 27: John Steinbeck & Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Anderson SC Flea Market)

April 24: William Shakespeare (Atlanta GA - Hambidge Center Gala Fundraiser)



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